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Uno's Chicago Pizzeria
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With Food
Uno’s Restaurant is known for its pizza and generous portions, but there are ways to enjoy your meal here without being inundated with food.

Side Dishes

Uno’s has a limited number of sides, but they have them nonetheless. They’re not listed separated on the menu, but your server can tell you the prices of the items. The side dishes include:

-  rice    -  French fries
-  onion rings -  roasted vegetables (seasoned)
-  steamed broccoli      -  skinless baked potato

These items may change, so check with your server.

Split Dishes

The kitchen is all too happy to split any dinner on the menu. Ask your server and then kitchen can prepare a split meal on two plates. If you’re eating with another mindful eater, this is an ideal option.

Also, there are certain items listed on the Children’s menu, but anyone “not really hungry” can order these, adults included.
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