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The CAMP System
The CAMP System
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Red Snapper
  The stems, leaves and ripening berries of the cranberry plant.
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Red Snapper is a fish found in off the east coast of the US north to Massachusetts, but rarely north of the Carolinas. It is most common in the Gulf of Mexico. It has sharp, cone-shaped teeth, including one or two canine teeth on either side of the front of each jaw

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Lutjanus campechanus
The fish grows to 20 pounds; the record is over 45 pounds.

Length is two to three feet.

This fish lives to 15 years or mor

About 8 million pounds of snapper are taken every year in the U.S. and nearly 5 million pounds from Mexican waters.

Because young snappers live in shallow water, they are subject to capture through shrimp trawling. For example, each year in the Gulf of Mexico, shrimp trawlers catch around 35 million young red snapper that are discarded, usually dead. (A trawl is a net shaped like a large sock. It is dragged behind the boat, scooping up anything and everything in its path.)


When You Eat...
Adults commonly found in the dark depths of 100 to 400 feet. Juveniles prefer shallower water.

The Red Snapper has a wide and varied diet that includes other fish, shrimp, snails, crabs, worms, squid, and microscopic life.

Basically, the Red Snapper will eat almost anything.
What it is
   A catch of red snapper on a Gulf fishing boat