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The Cracker Barrel Restaurant
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With Food
Controlling portions in restaurants can be difficult. The amount of food most restaurants serve can be daunting at best and damaging at worst. 

One effectively strategy is to order “side” dishes instead of main dishes. By ordering one or several sides, you can get enough food, a balanced meal, and all at a smaller price.

A great choice here is the Cracker Barrel restaurant, a widespread chain of eateries often located near interstate highway exchanges.

The Cracker Barrel has one of the most extensive selection of side dishes of any restaurant, and these sides are prominently displayed on an already-deep menu.

A great choice for CAMPers is the Country Vegetable Plate. This menu item is your choice of four or six country side vegetables. The dish is served with biscuits or corn bread.

The side dishes are:

A plate of four or six of these side dishes can be more than adequate for a meal. And the nice feature here is that if you order four sides and you’re still hungry, you can always get more.

In addition to the list of sides, there are these Vegetable of the Day specials:

All in all, Cracker Barrel is a CAMP-friendly restaurant because of its robust assortment of side dishes.

If you have a CAMP experience at the Cracker Barrel that you’d like to share, we'd love to hear about it!

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