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The CAMP System
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Thanksgiving the CAMP Way
Coming into
Balance and Harmony
With Food
Those of you who have recently come to the CAMP System will soon have the wonderful experience of facing a Thanksgiving meal for the first time as a mindful eater. Using the ideas developed in CAMP, you can enjoy the entire meal completely and thoroughly, probably more than anyone else at the table. Plus, you won’t be left with that awful sensation where you feel more stuffed than the turkey.

For all individuals, here are some tips and techniques to help make this Thanksgiving meal--or any large, bountiful meal---one to remember.

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The Unique Gifts of Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving reminds us to develop profound gratitude for food, its origins and all the hard work and sacrifice that goes into its production, harvest, transport, sale and preparation. The lessons that Thanksgiving teaches are those that we can use all year, each meal, each bite.

We honor food when we eat only that which nourishes us and a quantity of food that matches our needs. When we eat with inattention, Thanksgiving meals often show us, in very real terms, what happens when we become gluttonous and eat far past our limits. Such eating actually is the opposite of the spirit of Thanksgiving—to be especially observant of the value and purpose of our food.

This Thanksgiving, make it a conscious decision to honor your food and, in so doing, to honor yourself.