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The CAMP System
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Control Desserts with the
"Rule of Four"
Coming into
Balance and Harmony
With Food
If you have read The CAMP System book, you know about the Rule of Four. Basically, this rules states that most of our cravings for food are satisfied in the first four bites of the food we long for. The next time you find yourself thinking about a cheeseburger or a piece of pizza, notice that your desire for this food is satisfied after about four careful, slow and mindful bites of the food.

The implications of this rule can help you approach any dessert in a sane, reasonable way.

Instead of avoiding your dessert, you should allow yourself to have it, but use the Rule of Four to make it satisfying.

Here’s how.

Eating Dessert Using the Rule of Four

When getting a dessert at a restaurant, ask for a second plate with the dessert. When it’s served, immediately decide what is four bites’ worth and put that amount on the empty plate. Ask your server to take the remaining amount away.
In most cases you will be able to enjoy desserts without going overboard.

You may find that four bites are too many or not quite enough. Find your own strategy and then stick with it.

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