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Ruby Tuesday is a common sight on the restaurant landscape of America. Usually found near malls or major shopping centers, Ruby Tuesday offers a modern American-style menu and a signature salad bar.

Side Dishes

There are not many side dishes at Ruby Tuesday. The loaded baked potato is the only side item specified in the menu. According to the staff, however, a customer can order vegetables of the day, onion straws, fries, and anything reasonable as a side dish.

Split Dishes

They are happy to serve a single meal with two plates or you can ask your server to have the kitchen split the meal into two separate plates before giving it to the server.

The dishes called “Combos,” however, cannot be shared—these are Soup & Salad or the Loaded Baked Potato with soup or salad.

Entrees at Half-Size?


Substitution Policy

You can substitute side that come with a meal, although there may be an extra cost depending on the nature of substitution.


The all-you-can-eat salad bar, at $6.99, is a great value and allows the CAMPer to construct a meal with ideal portion sizes. This salad bar is a great place to practice the 50-80 Rule The salad bar is available for $2.49 along with an entrée, but that would more or less defeat the aims of the savvy CAMP eater.

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