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Great Tips for Restaurant Eating
Coming into
Balance and Harmony
With Food
Restaurant meals are wonderful.

So many choices, cuisines and combinations!

But eating at restaurants can be tricky. Much of the food has added salts, fats and sugar, all of which make the food more delicious and lure you into eating more and more. This is always of concern, but especially during vacations when we rely on restaurants for most of our meals.

The CAMP System offers sensible strategies for eating at restaurants. Try this six techniques when you visit restaurants and enjoy your meals with everyone else.

Six Tips For Restaurant Eating

1. Order in stages. Start with an appetizer or entree. Then, decide if you want more and order more only if you need it.

2. Share a single entree with someone else. Ask for two plates and split the meal.

3. If the server brings a plate or basket of bread, ask him or her to bring it at the end of the meal instead. You may not want as much bread then.

4. Split a salad or appetizer with someone at the table. If you're eating alone, ask the server to bring an extra plate and then to wait while you place some of the food on the extra plate. Then, ask your server to take the extra plate away immediately.

5. Balance your "meal energy." If you plan to have wine or other alcoholic beverages, cut back on your food portions, as these beverages are energy rich. Also, if you plan to have dessert, eat less of your meal serving to allow for the high-energy content of the dessert. In other words, see the whole meal with all of its components and stay in the balance of that picture.

6. Eat smaller bites with increased mindfulness. Much restaurant food is rich and savory; it's easy to eat a large portion. Slowing down with mindful bites will help you keep your portion sensible for you. (See Basic Mindful Bite at this web site.)
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