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The CAMP System
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New Year's (or anytime) Resolutions
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With Food
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Ten Mindful Eating Resolutions for 2006

1. I will pay attention to my food.
2. I will not deprive myself of any food that I love.
3. I will enjoy the food I eat.
4. I will put my silverware down during chewing.
5. I will chew my food thoroughly.
6. I will pause before the next bite.
7. I will wait 20 minutes before I get second helpings.
8. I will leave a little food on my plate.
9. I will be attentive to the size of my food portions, especially those of energy-rich foods.
10. I will stop eating when I have had enough food.

This year, become a mindful eater. Return to balance & harmony with food, and reclaim your control over your own eating.

The new year is here and with it comes plenty of well-meaning resolutions. Most of the resolutions concerning weight loss are well meaning and genuinely felt. But for the most part, these resolutions tend to be full of deprivation and unrealistic expectations.

Instead, consider these Ten Mindful Eating Resolutions. These are gentle ways that you can change your eating without all the unhappiness of diets. They work with any food you eat, any meal, any snack. They can be done at any time, at any place, no matter if you are alone, with one other person or in a crowd. They are simple but powerful, and they are goals as much as they are actions.