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The CAMP System
The CAMP System
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Coming into
Balance and Harmony
With Food
How you approach food physically can affect your atttitudes about food and the amount of mindfulness you bring to eating.

What matters here is the attention that you bring to your posture---how you sit, stand or move during eating.. While you eat each bite, turn your mind to the position of your body, the arrangement of your arms and legs and what they are touching, and the feel of the floor or the chair or the bed against your body. Notice your back and how well it is supported and how well it supports your head.

Posture also includes where you keep your hands throughout the bite. The CAMP System recommends that while you chew you have returned silverware or food to the table or plate, and you've placed you hands quietly in your lap. (See Mindful Silverware in Living CAMP.) So when you check posture, you can also check that your hands are still and awaiting the summons of the next bite.
And posture isn't static; it's dynamic and changes all the time. Even the movement of hand to mouth and then back to the lap is part of the your posture. This you can also do in a mindful way, paying attention to the full cycle of hand to mouth and back.

Posture sets the stage for attitude, and attitude sets the bigger stage for your whole approach to food. When you pay attention to your posture and when you attempt to improve that posture a little bit, you bring new grace and dignity to your eating. This is important---as mindful eaters, we strive to bring more dignity to our eating.

Your posture is an excellent index of when you're eating too fast or on the run or in forgetfulness. If you notice while you eat that your posture is one of rushing or distracted by other tasks (turning a steering wheel or tending a child, for example), that state of posture is a good cue that you need to bring more mindfulness to the primary task of the meal.

In all your interactions with food, become aware of your posture. It is a strategy that can help you keep mindfulness in your eating.

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