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The CAMP System
The CAMP System
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 Portions create boundaries that help you mindfully assess your eating.
Coming into
Balance and Harmony
With Food
And check out the 50-80 Rule on this site; it's another powerful CAMP Portions strategy for anytime you are the one who decides how much food goes on your plate.
Food portions have gone completely out of control in this country. Our plates are full of food, and we eat appetizers and salads, extra servings and dessert, snacks and then pick at the leftovers.

Need convinced? Just visit the neighborhood buffet restaurant and look at what people are putting on the plates and how many times they go back for more and more food.

We’ve lost out ability to set limits and boundaries for ourselves, and as obesity becomes more common among young people, it’s clear that the next generation has fewer boundaries than ever.
CAMP Basics
The third personal path to power over food in the CAMP system is portions. CAMP’s powerful portions strategies give you the tools to establish boundaries in your food and set up check points where you tune in to the body to see what its needs are.

Normally, we think of portions as how much food is on the plate. But the concept of portions can go far beyond that simple definition. In the CAMP System, portions include:

  • How often we eat
  • How much food is on the spoon or fork
  • How long we take to chew our food
  • How often we stop during a meal to find out if we really need more food
  • How much time we pause between bites

Below are links to two simple CAMP Portions Strategies. These will give you skills to create boundaries in your eating and mindfully attend to your portions.

A simple technique for controlling portions during restaurant meals.
Learn in steps to reduce your portions at any meal or snack..
to CAMP Basics
My new stratagy is not to use a dinner plate when eating but rather use a salad plate.  the plate is still full at the beginnning but it holds about 1/2 as much as a dinner plate.

---James, Yorktown

Here's what works for me at a restaurant, I order an extra plate with my meal, when the waitress brings me my food, I ask her to wait while I cut food and put it on the extra plate and ask her to take the plate away. This really helps me control how much I eat when I go out. Thanks for the return plate idea.

---RB, Indiana