The CAMP System
The CAMP System
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Living CAMP

The CAMP System can work its miracles only if we actually live it, use it, and stick with it. This requires a willingness to make changes in ourselves---changes that will make us skilled eaters and that help us reclaim our relinquished power.

The Living CAMP resources below are mindful techniques, approaches and choices you can make to bring new dimensions to your eating.

Living CAMP: Strategies
   Relax.    Slow down.    Enjoy.     Attend.     Be Mindful.
Coming into
Balance and Harmony
With Food
Living CAMP: Restaurants
How to Eat a Banana - An in-depth look at how to approach a simple food mindfully.

The STOP Method - Bring mindfulness to the first four bites of any meal or snack.

The 50-80 Rule - A simple but powerful portions strategy for any time you're in control of what goes on your plate.

The Mindful Doughnut - Eat a delicious doughnut and enjoy it like you've never enjoyed it before.

Shallow Chewing - Pay attention to the width of your chewing and bring intense mindfulness to your eating.

The 25-Minute Meal - Learn to slow down by setting a time limit for your eating

Thanksgiving: The CAMP Way. While everyone else is getting stuffed and uncomfortable, you can enjoy your big meal in a mindful way!

CAMP System New Year Resolutions. Here are ten resolutions for better eating any time of the year.

How to Eat Pudding Mindfully. Liquid or soft foods require special attention to eat mindfully.

Posture. How you sit or stand and hold your body while you eat contributes to your mindfulness.

Great Tips for Restaurant Eating. Learn six ways to make any trip to a restaurant both mindful and enjoyable.

Empowering Self-Talk. Learn three steps to changing negative self-talk to powerful affirmations.
Tasting Deeply - Another simple, powerful strategy---this one for getting the most out of every bite.

Mindful Corn on the Cob - Enjoy corn on the cob in a deliberate, attentive way!

The CAMP Cut - Remove a small portion of each food and control your portions more easily!

Mindful Silverware - Your knife, fork and spoon can be powerful allies to your mindfulness cause if you let them!

Food Hopping - Change the food you're eating with each bite to stay aware of your choices during a meal.

Halloween Ideas - The big candy holiday is here! Learn effective approaches for both your kids and you in dealing with all those sweets for this or any holiday.

Holiday Snacks By the Numbers - Learn to enjoy snacks during the holidays and stay mindful in the process!

All That Chocolate! Valentine's Day! Here are some ways to deal mindfully with chocolate.

Control Desserts with the Rule of Four. Love desserts but want to control them? Try the Rule of Four the next time you dive into cake or pie.

Awaken to Aftertastes - Mindfulness can open up many new aspects of food, including those wonderful tastes that linger after the bite.

Feed The Need. Don't deprive yourself of the foods you love. Learn to eat in moderation.

Cherishing Breakfast. Learn to attend the most important meal of the day.
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