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The CAMP System
The CAMP System
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The CAMP Cut
Coming into
Balance and Harmony
With Food
Many of the foods we eat come in "standard" sizes. Some examples here would include a slice of bread, a doughnut or bagel, a sandwich and an apple, among countless others.
But just because food appears in these "standard" sizes doesn't mean that you have to eat all the food. One way to cut back slightly is to make a cut on your food and discard a part of it. This is the CAMP Cut. If you were to eat the sandwich pictured at the right, you might imagine a line across your sandwich where you would cut it and throw away the small portion.

So, the next time you eat any type of food you can easily cut, follow the instructions below.

The CAMP Cut:

  • Identify a corner, edge or side of the food you can cut.
  • Make your cut. To start off, make the cut portion very tiny--maybe only 5% of the total amount. As much as possible, perform this action mindfully.
  • Remove the cut portion and discard it. This is very important: the act of throwing it away is empowering and carries with it a real sense of finality.
  • Enjoy the rest of your food mindfully.

As time goes on, you can experiment with making your cut bigger. If you enjoy a bagel in the morning, see if you can make a 20% cut and still enjoy your 80% bagel. You might be surprised that you never miss the other 20%.

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