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The CAMP System
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Cherishing Breakfast
Savoring the Flavors and the Smells and the Experience of the Most Important Meal of the Day

Coming into
Balance and Harmony
With Food
Whole Grains:  Crispy, crunchy or hot and steaming, cereals are brimming with nutrients your body desperately needs! Look for those that are higher in fiber, greater than 5 grams per serving, and lower in sugar, less than 10 grams per serving, on the Nutrition Facts Label. Or choose 100% whole grain, seeded or stone-ground breads toasted to perfection and topped with creamy nut butter and sweet jam! What a chance to sinfully enjoy two or three of your favorite foods!

Non-fat Dairy Foods:  Did you know that many of us are walking around with porous, creaky bones virtually deficient in both calcium and Vitamin D? It’s true, and breakfast is your ticket to getting a healthy serving of these important nutrients. Non-fat or 1% fat organic milks are truly amazing in taste. Think of how this one food nourished you as a child. If you are a vegetarian, try enriched soymilks in wonderful new flavors: chai, mocha, chocolate—rich and creamy on any cereal or in your favorite glass. For soy, just be sure to shake well before serving or you will miss the enriched nutrients. Use the shaking process itself to arrive to the upcoming meal, visualizing the tastes, textures, and value that will be yours soon!

Fresh Fruits and Juices:  New recommendations advise at least 4 servings of these colorful foods daily! How many of us are getting even one serving a day? Sadly, we rush through our day without the pleasure of biting into a juicy ripe delight; such a natural way to quench both appetites and thirsts! Breakfast is the ideal way to assure at least one serving: start your day by adding red, blue or apricot brightness to your cereal or as a topping to breads with nut butter.  Take time to eat these mindfully, noticing how these extra rich flavors affect the foods beneath them. Take smaller spoonfuls or bites of your breakfast food and let the added fresh tastes linger on your tongue. What a treat!

These are just a few of the wonderful foods breakfast offers. Omega-enriched golden eggs, savory white and cheery yellow cheeses, and creamy yogurts come to mind and should not be missed.

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How many of us start our day in an unmindful rush, ignoring the body’s natural hunger signals as we dash out the door with empty stomachs?

If this scenario is true for you, you join the 75% of Americans who currently skip breakfast. And you probably join the 60% who are overweight, as research has repeatedly shown that people who don’t eat breakfast are heavier and wind up eating more the rest of the day.

Beyond the weight issue, you lose the opportunity to enjoy a wide variety of foods and to start your day in a mindful energetic manner. What are the wonderful foods that you miss?  Take a closer look at some of these foods and consider how you could appreciate them in a new and exciting way.

Breakfast:  The King of Meals

Try these simple exercises to crown your day before it begins:

1. Think ahead: Before drifting into sleep the night before or upon awakening in the morning, create an image in your mind’s eye of the delicious breakfast you will have! What tastes, textures, or temperatures are you really in the mood for? Imagine the process of preparing the foods, what you will need to do and how you will serve them. Envision this pleasant warm experience and you will certainly make it happen!

2. Arrive and Awaken to the foods you have prepared:  Take a moment to really look at the breakfast that is before you. What colors and textures do you notice? What wonderful natural smells are there and what aromas are unique to breakfast? Think about how this food will launch your day and how you will transform the energy.  Say a quick grace or inner private reflection for having gotten yourself here and for nourishing your body and mind!

3. Explore the portion you have chosen:  Is it too small or large or just right? How many Basic Mindful Bites will it take to finish it? Perhaps a smaller utensil or bowl would have presented the food in a more mindful way. Have fun and truly enjoy your food!

Debra Brown-Grossman, MPH,RD,CDE
Experiments in Eating, e.t.c.