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The CAMP System
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All That Valentine's Day Chocolate!
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Mid-February can be an exciting time. Even though winter is in full swing, there are early signs of spring here and there. The days are getting noticeably longer, and the first crocuses will be pushing soon.

But, there’s all that chocolate. Valentine’s Day has hit and left behind in its wake a ton of the sweet stuff. Now what? As a mindful eater, how do you approach and deal with all that candy?

The CAMP System teaches us that we have to respect all foods, no matter what time. Candy has just as much right to be on our lists of foods we enjoy as anything else.

This candy---and especially this chocolate---however, is full of energy, and thus we need to be especially vigilant. That doesn’t mean we should deprive ourselves; only that we need to be extra wakeful in its presence.

Here are some mindful techniques for dealing with an abundance of chocolate.