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The CAMP System
The CAMP System
Welcome to the CAMP System educational site.

Here you will learn the basics of approaching food with mindfulness. The method used here is the CAMP System--a new, powerful and different approach to food relationships and weight management. Using mindfulness in all aspects of eating, the CAMP System focuses on how you eat, not what you eat. is the educational site for the CAMP System. Here you will find an explanation of the system, along with strategies and techniques you can use right away to bring wakefulness to your eating.

The CAMP System is based on four broad ideas:

Thus, the CAMP System is not a diet--instead, it’s a new way of eating that emphasizes a mindful approach to attitudes, eating behaviors and portions. Unlike diets, which tend to ignore the real causes of the problem (and therefore ultimately fail), CAMP seeks to correct the underlying factors that bring about disharmony with food in the first place.

The CAMP System promotes and fosters:

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Coming into
Balance and Harmony
With Food
The Joy of Mindful Eating
Through CAMP techniques, you can discover balance and harmony with food and manage your weight and your energy flow naturally, for the rest of your life.

A good place to start is CAMP Basics; here you will learn the fundamentals of the system. You'll also find out why the system is called "CAMP."

Select Living CAMP to learn select techniques, strategies and new approaches that can help you bring mindfulness to the ways you relate to food.

Select CAMP Focus to learn about foods and their origins, sacrifices, and the effort to produce them.

Select Calendar to learn where CAMP events or appearances may be scheduled. And please click on the links on the Links page; their support is always appreciated.

Finally, let us know what you think. Click on the Contact button to stay in touch and let us know your needs and how CAMP has affected your life.
Our CAMP readers write:
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Mindfulness can enhance every aspect of your life.

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I am an educator, food lover and spirital seeker as well. At 56 I was 15 - 20 pounds over my comfortable weight. 
Diets (and I tried several) seemed so disrespectful to the food I held in high regard.  I came across the CAMP system on this web site, ordered the book and felt I found my bible.  I have been practicing CAMP for the last 6+ months and have lost 15 pounds but - most importantly - I feel at peace with any food.  I am so thankful you were smart and thoughtful enough to develop this system and would love to share the system with others  (once a teacher - always one!) My intentions are simply to turn others on to CAMP and allow others the opportunity to stop the guilt, self deprication and disharmony with the gift of food. Thank you again for changing my life.

----Lynn C.
This program is amazing and truly worked for me. I lost 54 pounds in 3 months by your camp system technique.  Thank you for changing my life!!!

---Chase K.
I think it is inspirational and it is the only way to lose weight and MAINTAIN.  Mindful eating has done wonders for my soul, my personality has returned, I have found me again. All this and I have lost weight and keeping it off.

I have been practising mindful meditation for 2 years and have always struggled with food and weight issues. This is the most helpful site I have ever come across, lots of practical and thoughtful ideas, I shall return to it frequently

---Nicola, from the UK
This site is awesome, just what I needed.  Because I grew up just shovelling food into my mouth, now as I struggle to rebalance my eating and weight and my life in general, I realise that conscious awareness is the way - but its so hard to translate that into practical terms.  Eating consciously is difficult to learn but you have broken the steps down so that I can see what to do and how - many thanks, this page will help me so, so much!!!


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